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All our sales representatives are mixing experts and can help you with any mixer problem you have, whether process or mechanical related, and can even if offer assistance for competitive equipment.

Gratec supports the job-site installation and commissioning of your equipment to ensure that the equipment is configured to factory start-up specifications. All checks and measures are performed by a certified Gratec Millwright.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI
Marathon Fluid Systems Limited

Michelle Thomas, ext. 227

Phone: (506) 860-7867
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Quebec & Newfoundland
T.D. Rooke Associates Limited

Pamela Fanuzzi – Ext. 22

Phone: (905) 326-5666
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T.D. Rooke Associates Limited

Pamela Fanuzzi – Ext. 22

Patrick Corner - Ext. 35

Phone: (905) 326-5666
Fax: (905) 326-5667
Manitoba & Saskatchewan
Nothart Engineered Sales Ltd

Dave Lourenco

Phone: (204) 452-6411
Fax: (204) 477-1089
Manitoba Ontario Quebec Maritimes