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LIGHTNIN is the leader in predictive condition monitoring services for industrial mixers and agitators. Condition monitoring is done to analyze the mechanical condition of your equipment and to develop recommendations for optimal repair and capital planning. With this service, Gratec Limited’s technicians/millwrights predict problems before they happen.Some of the predictive services we offer include: External Bearing Temperature Check, Oil Analysis, Bearing and Coupling Grease, High-Speed Coupling Alignment, Visual Inspection and Written Reports.

In addition to these services, Gratec Limited also provides vibration analysis and maintenance training as follows:

Imagine having the ability to predict when a machine will break down or knowing how to allow machinery to safely run as long as possible. The knowledge provided from vibration analysis could be the most important tool in an effective maintenance program leading towards decreased downtime, decreased operating cost and increased equipment reliability.

Our trained Vibration Technician can take a vibration “signature” of the equipment when it is new and save it for reference. Then at periodic intervals, we can take another signature to look for any change. This can give a warning of impending bearing issues or other potential mechanical failure.

The signature analysis of a piece of equipment will exhibit vibration peaks at certain frequencies. These frequencies may correspond to shaft RPM, ball passing and gear tooth frequencies, and harmonics of these. By denoting at which frequency the vibration increase has occurred, our trained Vibration Technician can pinpoint the offending item.

Gratec offers several programs to help your maintenance department become more efficient when it comes to preventative and predictive maintenance for your mixing equipment. We offer instruction for mixer repair procedures designed to get your organization on a preventative maintenance program. We can perform equipment audits to inform your staff of the time frame for upcoming repairs. We can also manage your spare parts inventory. Gratec’s maintenance training programs are extremely flexible and focused on providing you, the end user, with exactly the program you require.